Terms & Conditions


    We reserve the right not to enter into any contract where the Customer’s credit is not approved by us.
    Unless otherwise expressly stated any estimate submitted is conditional upon acceptance within 30 days of the date thereof and may be liable to withdrawal or alteration without notice at any time before acceptance.
  3. E & O E
  4. CUSTOMERS GLASS In accordance with trade custom, customers own glass is handled, stored and processed at customer’s own risk. In the event of breakage or damage during processing, the work carried out will be charged for.
  5. SHAPES AND BENDS Arc Glass and Bending accepts no responsibility for inherent weakness arising from shape of non-rectangular panels. In accordance with industry standards, curved radius dimensions can deviate from nominal.
  6. TEMPLATES If material ordered is to be supplied to a template and the template dimensions differ from those specified in associated documents and paperwork, the order will be produced to the dimensions of the template. Templates must always be of hardboard or plywood.
  7. DELIVERY AND RISK Delivery dates and times are estimates only and no guarantee is given as to the delivery at any particular date or time. The clause is incapable of variation and it is expressly agreed that time is not and cannot be made of the essence. Arc Glass and Bending will use their best endeavours to affect dispatch by the date indicated but shall not be liable for loss or damage caused to the Buyer or his agents by delay due to strikes, lockouts, labour disturbances, fire, breakdown of machinery, war, hostilities, Government Order or any other cause beyond our control.
    Goods are insured whilst in transit in Arc Glass and Bending vehicles. All goods should be examined immediately on receipt and any damage, shortage or loss must be advised in writing within three days of delivery date. The Buyer is responsible for the unloading of the goods and also for any damage to the goods during unloading however caused. Any assistance provided by Arc Glass and Bending or its Agents in respect of any unloading is entirely at the Buyer’s own risk. Any responsibility of Arc Glass and Bending is limited to delivery of replacement glass, free of charge, or to the invoiced value of the damaged glass.
  9. PALLETS frames, stillages and all other distribution equipment are the property of Arc Glass and Bending and must be returned to Arc Glass and Bending on demand. Any re-use of such equipment by the Buyer is entirely at the Buyer’s own risk. Any deposit that has been charged thereon will only be credited to the Buyer if and when the Buyer returns the same to Arc Glass and Bending, carriage paid and in good condition, within three months from the date of despatch.
  10. PRODUCT LIABILITY The responsibility for determining that the components comprised in any order comply with the relevant building regulations, and are fit for the purpose, for which they are to be used, rests solely with the Buyer or Specifier.
  11. SUB-CONTRACTING Unless agreed otherwise in writing Arc Glass and Bending may manufacture the goods at any of its works or may sub-contact the manufacture or supply of the goods.
  12. CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE Liability under the warranty issued by Arc Glass and Bending shall not extend to the cost of providing any specialised equipment to any structural work including the removal or replacement of frames, nor to any repair work or damage as a result of re-glazing.
  13. ALTERATIONS & CANCELLATIONS When orders are acknowledged in writing, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to check these acknowledgements to ensure that his requirements have been correctly interpreted since alterations may be impossible after manufacture has commenced. If alterations or cancellation is requested, the Buyer shall be responsible for any additional costs involved in making the alteration and for labour, materials and all other process cost prior to making the cancellation.
  14. ACCEPTANCE OF THIS ORDER shall be deemed to be an acknowledgement that any terms or conditions which may be endorsed on or annexed to or contained in such acceptance or which in any way seeks to revise, amend or supersede these conditions howsoever shall not apply save and insofar as such revision amendment or supersession is agreed by us in writing.
    • Payment strictly within 30 days from date of invoice – subject to status.
    • V.A.T. extra at Standard Rate – if applicable
    • Arc Glass and Bending reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities and/or withhold or cancel further deliveries against outstanding orders without prejudice to its right to immediate payment for work executed against such orders.
    • We reserve the right to charge interest of 8% above the bank base rate for late payment of invoices.
      i.e. payment not received within 30 days. Further to this, if handed over for collection of said debt the debtor will be reponsible for all legal and collection costs.
    • Failure of Arc Glass and Bending to exercise all or any of these rights under the conditions of the contract to which the conditions relate, shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver of such rights.
  16. VARIATIONS CLAUSE Unless otherwise stated any order placed is based on the present cost of materials, labour and transport, and any contract shall be conditional upon the Buyer agreeing to an increase in the contract price to cover any addition to our present costs between the date of the quotation and the termination of the contract.
  17. RETENTION OF TITLE All goods remain the property of Arc Glass and Bending until paid in full and if payment is made by cheque, until the cheque is cleared through the bank account on which it is drawn.
  18. APPLICABLE LAW Any conditions and any contract arising hereunder shall in all respects be construed in accordance with English Law, and the Buyer agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


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