TERMINOLOGY and basis of measurement for curved on plan/bent glass

Technical Diagram of Curved Glass

Angle Measured in degrees
A Arc/Girth Measured in mm
Ca Chord
H Depth/Rise
L Length/Height
R1 Radius/inside mesurement
R2 Radius/outside mesurement
T Thickness of glass

– The angular measurement of a segment of a curved

ARC – The outside length of the curved portion of the bend
(Generally described as either interior arc or exterior arc)

CHORD – A straight-line segment that joins two points of an arc

CONCAVE – The ‘hollow’ face of curved glass

CONVEX – The ‘bulge’ face of curved glass

DEPTH OF BEND – The measurement from the width to the furthest point of curve

GIRTH – The distance around the concave or convex surface measured perpendicular to the rise including any flats.

TEMPLATE – A device manufactured at a scale of 1:1 to determine the shape of the glass bend to be made. (This would be required if none of the above measurements are available.

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